Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Wednesday Village

This blog has totally been neglected... I'm lucky to post pictures (let alone take them) most weeks.  I really use to enjoy doing this and writing a good bit before having two kids and an overfilled work schedule.  But today, as I tucked my naked second child into bed, I decided I had a few thoughts I wanted to jot down.  This has been a hard week.  After crying in Sophie's gym class and again while getting her in the car seat after swim lessons, she ended up crying/moaning/hitting someone for the remainder of the night... so I feel like things can only get better.  Fighting over which PJ's she should wear for 35 minutes and saying goodbye to the 2nd tube of toothpaste this week was the icing on the cake.  She is one tough kid.

As I sat in the over heated balcony of a local college's pool while wrangling that crazy toddler, I had a vivid flash back of another time in my life.  I was in early high school and I was a mother's helper to a mom of three young girls for the summer.  After my lifeguard shift, I'd head to their house and drive with them to the same pool I now take Leah to for their 2 week crash swimming course.  I always thought it was crazy that a mother's helper could add value to anyone's day.  Regardless, I'd take the two youngest sisters, plop them in the stroller and walk around the outside of the pool where there was a nice cool breeze while their big sister swam.  We would even stop at the football field to watch the Eagles practice (it back when they did preseason at the University).  After swimming, mom would come out of that sauna like pool with their oldest and we'd all pile back into the van.  Back home, I'd play in the backyard with all three girls while their mom finished up things around the house, prepped dinner, or just plain took a break.  Again, I remember thinking my job was so silly and I almost hated being paid for what felt like "nothing."

A couple years later, I visited the company where the dad worked.  I was hoping to get a graphic design internship at some point during college.  I was swayed away from that in college because I was told no one could ever make a living doing anything the least bit artsy (oh the irony).  It was that tour that I always kept in the back of my head and knew that one day, I could do something that incorporated my love of technology and art.

Anyway, to wrap up this rambling because I know my husband and dad (which probably account for half of my readers these days) are probably getting bored, I don't think we make a point to recognize the people around us enough these days, the people who help us stay sane at the end of each long day.  I'm so thankful to have found supportive "co-moms" in my life.  I've always felt like a fish out of water.... when I was working a full time desk job as a mom, I only really knew moms who stayed home. When I stayed home before my business picked up, I found I only really knew working moms who I had just recently connected with before leaving my job.  And now, while I straddle being a stay at home mom and running a full time business I was starting to feel even more alone.

But, when you stop and listen... your village is there... even when you don't recognize it right away.  It's the mom and her daughter who comforted your oldest and sat with her after being spoken to harshly by a local kids gym owner (don't get me started - that could be an entirely separate post).  It's a mom who had a band-aid ready when your daughter skinned her knee at the park (and another mom who picked up your other daughter who took a hard fall while you were busy giving first aid to kid one).  It's the mom who also has an energetic, opinionated kid who doesn't (ever) sit still even when it seems like every other kid does.  It's the mom you can text about anything - business or personal - who has a reassuring way of making you feel like you're not doing it all wrong.  It's the mom who texts you about things other than kids and work and makes you see that there is more to life some days :)  It's the dad behind you in line buying wine who also has two wiggly kids in tow and jokes that he is glad he is not the only other adult dragging kids in there.  It's the small village of other moms who also straddle running a full time business while their kids watch too much Daniel Tiger each day.

I'd like to think that as small as my job was as a mother's helper that summer, I was able to give that mom the last bit of sanity to make it though the end of the day.  Because I know, I could not make it through a single "work at home" day without the people around me and all of the little things they do for me that may feel like "nothing" to them.  It's all those little "nothings" that add up to a village <3

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Leah painted her own nails for the first time and did a pretty good job!  She did it while I was in the shower, but I had to get a few quick photos after I got out :)

Nesting Dolls

I found my old nesting dolls when I was going through some boxes in the basement last week.  Sophie loved them and figured it out really fast.  She was so proud of herself :)